Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm still alive...

And, so it seems that my little ritual of updating weekly came to a screeching halt! Well, my dear readers...I have a good excuse. It's called pregnancy brain. Apparently you lose 10% of your brain power while pregnant. And, I'm pretty sure all the moms out there can attest to that!

Besides losing my mind (or 10% of it anyway...), I've been extremely busy. Sessions have been solid since the start of the summer and I've been in a frenzy to get everything completed before I start maternity leave in just under 4 short weeks! Not to mention that we took a trip to Disney World two weeks ago (yes, I know it's hot there....pregnancy brain, remember?) and my little guy's birthday is coming up on Friday (cry....).

But, never fear - I'm here to pack in the goods in this post... I'm going to try and catch up from all that I've been doing cause I know I've left you hangin' for too long!

First off, here is the cutie I talked about in my last blog post. Miss Ellison. What a beautiful and unique name, right? I just loved it and asked mom where she comes up with all her names (big brother and sis have unique names as well) and unfortunately it wasn't a book or website, it was kids she used to teach! Drats. Well, if anyone has any ideas for me, don't be shy! Anyway, here she is - fresh to the world.
Next we've got this adorable guy - not much difference in age between him and my little guy. I love when I get kids that age cause it's so easy to interact with them. We went on several adventures - at first he was quite leary then I couldn't drag him out of the trees!!

And, I told you I had an influx of maternity and newborn sessions! Here's another one - the product of the beautiful family in my post "Must be the Water..." Welcoming baby Ava to the family.
Alright - last one for this post. I've got several more sessions, but I will taunt you for a bit and post those later!

Yes - another newborn. Shocked aren't you? This is the product of the beautiful family in my post "Reunion"... Two little boys for this clan. We had our ups and downs at the session - you should have seen some of the maneuvers mom and I were trying to pull on the baby - but in the end, we just have to go with the flow and remember that the babies generally call the shots in these sessions!

Think that will keep you satisfied till I can update again?? :) Just a quick reminder - I will be unofficially starting my maternity leave Sunday, September 14th. I will still be around - answering e-mails and phone calls, prepping sessions and orders and general office work, but will not be taking on any more sessions. I will "officially" be on maternity leave (i.e. you can call, but I won't answer!) starting Sunday, October 12th and will be returning to work Monday, January 5th. I believe I still have one session date available for the year and then I will be taking names and starting the list for January. If you're interested in a session, please call or e-mail me pronto! or 847-970-8055