Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Belated Mother's Day

I wanted to get this out last weekend, but - well - my boys kicked me out of the house and I spent the entire day shopping. Without kids or a husband. It was GLORIOUS. :)

Some of you may remember last year when I posted the questions Blake was asked by his Pre-school teacher about me. Well, they did it again this year and I just had to share the answers again...

1. What does she do?
She takes pictures of babies. (I don't know if that's her job, but she sure likes to do it!)

2. How old is she?

3. What is her favorite color?

4. What is her favorite food?
Special K bars

5. What is her favorite movie?
Gilmore Girls...I love to watch with her.

6. Mommy is funny when she...
laughs at me.

7. Where does she like to take you for fun?
to Disney World

8. Mommy always says...
that she loves me (and I say that, too)

9. What special message would you like to tell her on Mother's Day?
I love her!

Awwww...He's the cutest, right? They had a fun Mother's Day event at his Pre-school the Friday before - they had snacks and tea, even little flowers for us to pin on.
And, because it's been too long and I keep getting requests via e-mail to see my cute boys already, here are some recents of them.

Now, on to business! Vacation was good, but I'm back in the swing of things. Sessions are filling up for the summer months already, and I currently have some June availability as well as session bookings for July, August & September. If you are interested in scheduling something, please e-mail me at

Finally, because I like to give each session their individualized post, I won't post any of the sessions I have waiting to be showcase, but I will show you a creation I completed for a client. Her son loves to read, so I picked a quote by none other than Dr. Suess.
Enjoy the weekend!