Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Uh-oh Spagettios

It has been a bad couple of days here in my world!! I am having technical difficulties up the wazoo. Please bear with me...

First and foremost, if you are a client that has contacted me via e-mail and are NOT getting responses, PLEASE CALL ME!!! I have a couple people that I can receive messages from, but I'm gathering from their responses, they are NOT getting the messages from me. I don't have phone numbers to contact, so please give me a jingle. 847.970.8055

Secondly, my brand spankin' new, suped up computer has died. My hard drive is no more. My hubby got it up in recovery mode so I am transferring the files that needed to be done since my last backup, and as of now, I believe I have everything moved over (whew!). But, in the meantime till I get my new hard drive in 5-7 business days, I will be scrounging up as much time as I can steal from my husband's laptop and checking in when I can. Please, if you need to get in touch with me, the best way for the next week or so will be via phone.

And, lastly - nothing to do with technology...just a reminder to show me your cuties! I wanna see them and am so anxious to get this project wrapped up!

Until next time when I can return with my sanity..... :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Calling all Cuties....

That's right...I need some cuties around these parts!! I am working on a new project and need some fresh new faces to fill the pages with. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, here's the full info on what I'm looking for...

What I need:
Boys and girls, ages 3-6, dressed in their most colorful, no-holds-barred kid friendly outfits. I'm talking tutus and cowboy boots, striped tights and polka dot shirts, superman capes with rain boots - whatever you've got, I wanna see it. The funkier, brighter, bolder and more outlandish the better. I want this to be about your child's personality...let it shine!

What you will get:
A complimentary mini session of your child in said outfit at a location of my choosing
A six image mini album (artist's choice images) for you to keep

What you need to do:
Get your kid dressed up in their ensembles, grab that handy dandy camera of yours and take a shot of them in it. E-mail it to me with a brief description of your child (she's really shy, but playful once she opens up... he's a wild man from the moment you meet him, etc) and his or her age.

I am looking for something specific, so I will review the images that I have been sent and select the few that I think will represent what I'm going for best.

What happens if your child doesn't have any outfits like this, but this sounds like too much fun, you just have to get in on it?? If you are willing to take my advice completely on an outfit to purchase, e-mail me with your child's picture and all the above information and we'll go from there!

So, what's the catch?? Only one...I can't have photographed your child in the last 18 months. As much as I love my current cuties, I need some fresh faces for this project!

If you are interested or know someone who is, send them on their way to contact me - info@essenceportraits.com. But hurry - I need to be contacted by Friday, April 25th for your child to be considered.

Finally, Spring has sort of leaped upon us (well, except for that snow the other day.......) and Summer is around the corner. May and June are almost fully booked - I have two openings left in May and only one in June. If you are interested in booking, hurry and call now!!! If you are an expectant mommy, please keep in mind I like to hold your sessions between 30-34 weeks (generally at 32, if at all possible), so don't wait till the last minute to book. And, if you are a new mommy or very soon to be new mommy, call right away for your newborn session....newborns are best done within the first FIVE days of life, so call ahead so I can pencil you in!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

The best gift

Portraits are priceless. No doubt about it. I can speak from experience when I say almost nothing has touched me quite like seeing beautiful, emotional images of me with my son. For those that didn't hear me rave on and on about the experience, you can get caught up to speed here.

With that said, I've been racking my brain since I left for vacation on what I could do to celebrate that wonderful bond Mothers and their children share. Of course, just in time for Mother's Day. So, here we have it.....

For the first time **ever**, I will be doing a set of Limited Edition Sessions, specifically for Mother's Day. Since these are a breakthrough for Essence, I will give you the lowdown on what it is, the cost and all other variables that are oh so important!!

Limited Edition Mommy & Me Sessions ~ $200
(with $100 from each booked session going to the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation)

30 minute session for you and your child
Three different locations to choose from
5-10 images shown
One matted and framed 5x5 image of you with your child (frame shown below)

Of course, I loved this offering so much, I had to get one for myself!! That's me and my little man, proudly displayed on my nightstand. I get warm fuzzies every time I look at it!

Full details, such as location choices and times, will be given when you call or e-mail to book your session. These will take place Tuesdays and Thursdays in April. Space is limited, so call or e-mail today to book your session! 847.970.8055 / info@essenceportraits.com.

Don't let another day (or year!) go by without emotional, real and raw images of you with your child. Celebrate this Mother's Day with a little gift for yourself (or kick that hubby in the rear to get over here and book for you!). I promise you, these images will be priceless.